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Taurus Handheld Radio

The Taurus Handheld Radio is a hybrid datalink that combines a persistent SATCOM network with on-demand LOS wideband connectivity. These joint networks support all forms of data and voice communication for maximum throughput and optimal network efficiency. Tactical ground users no longer need to carry multiple radios to complete the mission.

Continuous Mobile connectivity

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The BLOS datalink utilizes the Iridium Next LEO constellation allowing users to stay connected anywhere in the world with compact antennas and minimal power requirements. The LOS datalink operates in a robust ad hoc mesh network with a COFDM waveform that extends operating range and penetrates through obstacles. MIMO antennas and variable modulation modes maximize data throughput that exceeds 80 Mbps.

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Operational Advantages & Key Features

  • Ultra compact and portable

  • BLOS network connection across the entire globe

  • Adaptive wide-band mesh LOS datalink

  • Connect to any tactical user device or computer

  • Network security and simplicity

  • Data, video, PTT, phone, and messaging in one radio

  • Ruggedized for harsh environments

  • Common tactical battery with extensive battery life

  • Integrated GPS and voice encoders

  • MIMO antennas provide non-line-of-sight signal penetration

  • Automated network adaptation for maximum throughput

  • Ground-to-ground, air-to-air, and SATCOM in one radio

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