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About Us

Founded on the belief that innovation leads to successful enterprise, Borsight is an aviation system engineering, integration, and manufacturing services provider with a proven track record of technology development, system integration, and program execution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior engineering and management services for software and hardware integration solutions that surpass customer expectations. Borsight employs a flexible, open system that features both spiral and incremental development. This approach enables updates to hardware, software, technique, or tactics (or any combination of the four) based on identifying what works and what doesn’t during Operational Assessment (OA) flight tests.

Our ability to cost-effectively implement these incremental “lessons-learned” changes is the reason we can maximize production of an effective system that works in a fieldable, operational environment. We operate multiple divisions with management processes designed to provide Crosstalk between disciplines.

Borsight services, including our program, engineering, and a technical services division, provides hardware and software integration, flight test planning and support, and program engineering requirements development. Our ability to combine engineering, requirements management, and valued-added processes from other divisions is the key to our success. ​

Our Borsight engineering team maintains a philosophy of producing on time and on budget. The company enters into a variety of contracts and is open to Firm-Fixed-Price contract execution on government programs, which often puts us in a unique position to perform at the highest professional level possible, while taking program risk out of the hands of the customer. Few other defense contractors can make this claim.

Borsight's approach to business is what allows us to have superior integration and products with maximum budget efficiency.

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3525 Airport Rd
Ogden, UT 84405

Office: +1 (801) 409-1488


DUNS: 827432407

Cage Code: 56NH4

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