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Universal Management Unit

The Universal Managment Unit (UMU)-2100 was originally designed to be a form and fit replacement for the legacy Flight Management System keypad and display, but has much more capability. It has the data storage capacity and computing capabilities of many mission computers, and is used as an adjunct to the IDU and the Mission Computer.

UMU Integration

The Universal Management Unit was engineered to replicate the data entry and option select functionality of the IDU via the same Option Select Buttons , Rotary Select Knobs, and display arrangements of the IDU. The UMU augments the IDU by providing a more convenient and ergonomic device that has infinite capability for integrating military capability sub-systems.

UMU Product Line.png

DCM Module (Front)

PIM Module

RKM Module

DCM Module (Back)

Operational Advantages

The UMU product includes an LCD display, several user input features, and a wide range of electrical signal interfaces. The product performs various cockpit functions including radio control, navigation, mission system display and control, HUD control, and weapons management.

  • Radio control

  • Mission system display and control


  • Weapons management


  • HUD control


  • Flight Management System


  • Navigation


  • Standalone display with numeric keyboard


  • TSO certified hardware


  • Optional Alphabetic Keyboard

UMU with screen.png

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