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Borsight Enhanced Training Solutions (BETS)

We understand equipment is useless unless you know how to use it. Borsight offers technical training ranging from maintenance install and repair through tactical employment. Our training division works side-by-side with engineers and developers throughout the entire process to better meet contractual requirements. We produce world-class hands-on experiences in real-world and simulated environments. The end product is an effective and efficient solution to our customer's needs.

Mobility Air Force Tactical Data Link

Maintenance & Installation

Borsight instructors provide classroom and hands-on training for maintenance and operations personnel on Datalink hardware and software installation, removal/replacement, and troubleshooting procedures.  Instruction covers Datalink architecture, network establishment, A and B kit installation, and system updates.

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Mobility Air Force Tactical Data Link

System Functionality

Borsight instructors also provide classroom and hands-on training focused on basic Datalink system operations.  Lessons focus on proper system power-up and shutdown, cryptologic loading, system capabilities and limitations, network requirements, interface operations and controls, and troubleshooting.

Mobility Air Force Operational Employment

We offer hands-on training from operational experts with years of experience operating Datalink systems in all phases of operational employment.  Instruction is focused on fully exploiting the Beyond Line-of-Sight and Line-of-Sight capabilities of Datalink in order to increase combat capability, enhance command and control, improve interoperability, and maintain situational awareness of the battlespace.

Mobile Training Team (MTT)

Our Mobile Training Team construct, comprised of advanced tactical employment experts, is designed to meet the specific needs of our Mobility Air Forces customers.


The BETS team travels to the host unit to provide classroom and airborne training advancing the tactical knowledge and capability of the entire aircrew, based on the aircraft, systems, and missions of the unit.

BETS classroom instruction focuses on mission planning, Radar and Infrared fundamentals, threat mitigation, threat reactions, ingress and egress procedures, objective area analysis, and asset integration.

BETS airborne instruction provides flight experience in low and medium threat environment through scenario-based mission sets.  Flight instruction covers tactical ingress and egress maneuvers, defensive reactions, airland and airdrop mission execution, and asset integration.

Enhanced Training

Borsight provides Enhanced Training opportunities through linked, scenario-based simulated training. Borsight utilizes low-cost, ground-based training platforms designed to mirror operational situations for improved performance.

  • Datalink - Borsight's Datalink scenario training provides operators the ability to link computer-based datalink modules for mission scenarios at ground speed zero. This enhances datalink utilization and provides the capability to walk through complex missions prior to execution.

  • Threat Avoidance - Borsight provides Threat Avoidance training through its Datalink trainer. Operators learn to fully integrate battlespace information for real-time mission impact in relation to an evolving threat scenario. This provides a low-cost, ground speed zero method for improving mission effectiveness, TTP evaluation, and crew proficiency.

  • LVCT - Borsight provides Live Virtual Constructive Training through a non-motion simulator training device that affords low-cost flight training against scenario-based situations. Our training device is easily configurable to different aircraft or ground station platforms and can be linked together for formation, integration, or package type scenarios.

Contact the Training Team

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