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Taurus PMD

The Taurus Portable Mission Display (PMD) is a Samsung-Borsight Collaboration for capable, rugged, affordable situational awareness (SA), and secure tactical data link communications with Line-of-Sight (LOS) Wide-band Communications, and Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) SATCOM Data Network.

Operational Advantages

Tablet facing.png
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness & Threat Avoidance

    • EFB/EKB functionality

    • Tactical Airlift Mission Software Suite (TAMSS) integration for RTIC/GSAC

      • Rapid implementation of tactical data link communications with dynamic threat detection/avoidance overlays, and streamlined airborne operations including tracks, threats, mission tasking, free text, and imagery​

  • Easy to Implement & Use

    • Already flying on RTIC and GSAC platforms

    • ​PIVOT Mount certified for all AMC aircraft

    • Design guided by MAF Aircrew feedback

    • Touch screen functionality (with USAF gloves or smart pen) with smart activation of relevant screens for improved task flow during flight operations​​

  • Classified Connectivity In the Air or On the Ground within DoD Cybersecurity Requirements

    • SIPRNet capable

    • NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) certification

    • DualDAR (Data at Rest) double independent encryption for mobile devices to meet security needs without being cumbersome

    • Allows secure COMMs away from the cockpit
      Unclassified when powered off​

  • Rugged, Mission-Ready Tablet

    • Highest performance processor and graphics for maximum responsiveness

    • Ruggedized IP68/MIL-STD-810H Tab Active3 and PIVOT Case

    • Minimized cost, size, weight, and heat

    • Extended battery life for flexible usage in and out of the cockpit

    • Easy to swap among crew members

KC-135 Cockpit with Tablet.png

TAMSS - Situational Awareness Mission Software

Tactical Airlift Mission Software Suite (TAMSS) provides aircrews with the ability to use network communication capabilities throughout all theaters of operation with an increase to Situational Awareness (SA).  Initially created to integrate with RTIC, TAMSS is currently integrated with GSAC and ATLAS systems, and is also compatible with many other modern avionics systems.

Multi-Ready Platforms

The Taurus PMD has already proven itself with capable service on the C-130 and KC-135 aircraft and can rapidly be incorporated on the C-17.

C-130 H/J
KC-135 solo.png
C-17 Cutout.png


Versatile, secure, rugged, and portable. The PMD combined with the PIVOT Case and various mounting configurations can easily be adapted to virtually any aircraft need and situation.

Tablet Angled back right.png
Tablet Angled Left.png
Tablet Profile right.png
Tablet Angled back left.png
Angled tablet v1.png

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