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Goliath AR

Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance 

The GoliathAR desktop ISR solution overlays real-time geo-referenced data onto real-time video, bridging the worlds of geo-referencing, video, imagery, and radio/data interfacing. The result is a common operating picture that is accurate, timely, and intuitive for multiple users.

Cross-Platform Mission Software

GoliathAR is both FalconView compatible and cross-platform capable. Because Goliath runs on Windows, Linux, and most real-time operating systems, it can be supported across many vehicle/system platforms.

GoliathAR provides a common view of visual data for all types of missions and operations, using highly- accurate geo-referenced data. 

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Borsight’s Goliath Relay Service (GRS) is a full-featured gateway providing support to store and forward multiple types of data in a variety of formats including: MIL-STD-6016D, CoT, JSON. GRS can be deployed anywhere on the network – from a GoliathAR machine to a server located across the country. GRS is scalable: multiple instances can be installed on a network, all synchronizing data among themselves. GRS supports data, video, imagery and voice across IP network types. GRS is also cross platform compatible with the ability to operate on multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, Android and Real-Time. GRS is also AFSIT/JTIC certified.


GoliathAR  is integrated with GRS for the capability to share video and data across any network. Communication to and from GRS is encrypted using either NSA-Type 1 or AES, depending on the customer and overall system architecture.

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