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Borsight Inc. and SABCA Group Join Forces for Major US F-16 Maintenance Contract

Utah Governor shaking hands with CEOs Brad Bullard and Thibauld Jongen at the 2019 Paris Air Show. Pictured from left to right: Brad Bullard (Borsight CEO), Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Thibauld Jongen (SABCA CEO).

Paris -- On June 17, US-based Borsight Inc. and Belgian SABCA Group, two experienced players in the aerospace industry, teamed up to respond to a call for F-16 Fighting Falcon depot-level maintenance and repair services issued by the United States Air Force (USAF) in Ogden Utah, USA. The complementarity and proven expertise of both companies will allow the team to offer the best value solution to the US government. The contract ceiling for this opportunity is valued at $900M.

The Teaming Agreement between Borsight Inc. and SABCA Group was signed during the Paris Air Show. In the presence of Utah Governor Gary Herbert, both companies formalized the decision to join forces and compete for this critical contract. Brad Bullard, CEO of Borsight Inc. and Thibauld Jongen, CEO of SABCA Group reinforce their commitment to cooperation.

Picture of the new partnership standing in front of an F-16 in SABCA’s facility hangar located in Belgium. Pictured left to right: Lionel Detilleux (SABCA), Tyson Kelley (Borsight), Jim Porter (World Trade Center, Utah), David Fountain (Borsight), Johan Andries (SABCA)

“The strength of this collaboration between our two companies lies in the complementarity of their respective fields of expertise”, said Jongen. “Borsight has the required ready and available infrastructure, the expertise in avionics, and is perfectly located, next door to the customer. SABCA Group, has more than 50 years of experience in maintenance, repair and upgrades on the F-16 jet for the European and the United States Air Forces.”

Bullard echoed the sentiment. “Based at Ogden-Hinckley Airport in Utah, and a proven USAF and NATO contractor, Borsight Inc. has acquired extensive experience in the development and integration of modern aeronautical techniques and equipment on military platforms including the F-16, C-17, A-10, HH-60, KC-135, RC-26 and C-130 H/J,” he said. . “SABCA Group’s expertise, gained on more than 1500 F-16s, enables us to submit a well-balanced, strong, competitive offer, with optimal services for the customer.”

Both parties aspire a long-term cooperation and will also pursue additional business opportunities. After a recent expansion of Borsight facilities in Ogden UT, this new cooperation with SABCA is leading to increased MRO capabilities and is part of a larger expansion strategy focusing on fleet and life cycle management.


Borsight is a qualified US government contractor providing full-service aircraft capability in the avionics and Integration role. The breadth of these services includes hardware and software development, cyber security, systems integration, modification and flight test as well as supply chain and sustainment with the added benefit of aircraft kitting and installation services. This unique combination brings a workforce with the knowledge base that complements the ever-changing world of avionics modifications and upgrades. The company conducts services and provides products throughout the world to customers in the United States DoD, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

About SABCA Group

SABCA is a tier 1 worldwide leading multi-technology aerospace supplier. Serving the world’s leading aircraft and space launchers manufacturers, SABCA designs, develops, manufactures and maintains aircraft and launcher components and systems. The company asserts its expertise in 4 business units – Integrated Assemblies, Actuation Systems, MRO and Unmanned Systems, and achieved a turnover of 217 million euros in 2017. SABCA’s Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Upgrade (MRO&U) Business Unit builds on the experience gained since 1920 to offer a range of sustainment solutions such as airframe and component MRO, system upgrade, fleet management, obsolescence management, crew training, etc. The company, which is listed on the Euronext stock market (EBR: SAB), conducts operations in the three Belgian regions and has one facility in Morocco.



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