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Borsight's Tactical Airlift Mission Software Suite (TAMSS) provides aircrews with the ability to use network communication capabilities throughout all theaters of operation with an increase to situational awareness. TAMSS provides an increase in digital combat communications with the ability to communicate with command and control. Additionally, TAMSS enables the aircrew to view and control network communications while new situational awareness data is being displayed. Initially created to integrate with RTIC, TAMSS is compatible with many modern avionics systems.

Situational Awareness with Moving Maps

 Our TAMSS system integrates a secure data infrastructure with secret-level data flows, processing, and information display. It enables aircrews’ improved battle space awareness through connectivity to Tactical Data Networks. TAMSS provides the capability for dynamic battle space and mission management through secure data exchanges with the theater Air and Space Operations Center, and Contingency Response Group/Contingency Response Element.

TacPad Keyboard.png
TacPad without keyboard r02.png
TacPad without keyboard r02.png

 - Integrates with Extendable Keyboard -

TAMSS Datalink

Borsight’s Situational Awareness and Data Link Gateway software is integrated into the PMD for maximum pilot, co-pilot, and navigator flexibility. Controlled Image Base data is obtained from geo-referenced satellite imagery. Scales of 1m, 5m, and 10m are supported. Also included is an Electronic Flight Bag to provide geo-referenced approach plate and charts, threat awareness information, and targeting pod:

  • RPF Maps (FalconView Maps)

  • CIB Imagery

  • ¼ Meter Imagery

  • Data Link Overlays (SADL, Link 16, JREAP A/B/C)

  • Radio Control (ARC-210, SADL, STT)

  • DoD Operations

  • Domestic Operations

  • Weather Overlays

  • Geo-referenced Low/High Charts

  • Integrated Electronic Flight Bag

  • Litening II Targeting Pod Control and Display (SPAD)

  • Electronic Threat Situational Awareness (AECIS)

  • Joint Precision Air Drop System II (JPADS II)

  • Tele-Medicine for Medivac Operations

  • Mobility Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (MACARS)

TAMSS Compatibility

TAMSS Software is compatible with many modern avionics systems. Borsight's team of software engineers can integrate TAMSS onto many capable platforms.

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