KC-135 Self Protection

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KC-135 Self Protection

  • Know What
  • Know Where
  • Know Now

Theater Tactical Situational Awareness and Threat Self Protection

  • Friendly Information (Air to Air Refueling)
  • Pole to Pole Data/Voice Communication
  • Surface to Air Threats (Radar and Infrared)
  • Air to Air Threats (Radar and Infrared)
  • National Asset Real Time Threat Information
  • On/Off Board Threat Detection and Avoidance
  • Take Off and Landing Pattern IR Threat Protection


Borsight delivers best-in-class threat protection
for the KC-135. We bring together multiple
sources of off-board threat data via our
integrated approach utilizing Real Time In
Cockpit (RTIC)/Tactical Air Mobility Software
Suite (TAMSS). This real-time information is
combined with on-board threat data captured
through our MIPRS+ Pylon with embedded
detection and active countermeasures.

Threats are presented on an intuitive display
that provides “360º true danger” threat
distance calculated by dynamically factoring
KC-135 airspeed, heading and altitude against
the NASIC and MSIC certified air to air and
surface to air threat capability calculations.
In real time. Smart active countermeasures,
intelligently deployed based on the nature of
the threat(s), ensure maximum self-protection
and survivability.