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Borsight HH-60 ACSU

Borsight’s Avionics Communication Suite Upgrade (ACSU) provides a much-needed modernization of the existing V/UHF communications suite in the HH-60G fleet of aircraft

The HH-60G Communication System has four different positions– Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner and Flight Engineer – that each need to be able to communicate on a different frequency at the same time. The HH-60 ACSU accomplishes this by replacing existing equipment with an AN/ARC-210 Gen V communication system.

Primary Upgrades Include:

  • Newest generation of digital voice / data AN/ARC-210 radio equipment on each V/UHF channel (4 total)
  • Broadband Line-Of-Sight (LOS) waveform capability on each channel
  • 2nd UHF SATCOM Channel
  • NSA-mandated cryptographic modernization (fully embedded)
  • Land Mobile Interoperability with Civil / First Responders
  • Growth to future tactical / networking capabilities (SRW, IW, MUOS, etc.)

HH-60 in hangar

HH60 Large