Borsight was selected by URS as the Aircraft System Integrator for the RC-26 Block 30 Modification. Numerous other capability upgrade paths have been presented and proposed and are awaiting guidance from the RC-26 community. These proposals include mission computer hardware and software upgrades, video link repair and upgrade (Video Data Link, Vortex), communication equipment compatibility upgrades, aircraft structural repair and modification, data link upgrade and installation.


This upgrade path features weight reduction, integrated commercial/tactical radios, SATCOM, upgraded defensive systems, and upgraded avionics to make the RC-26 the most capable ISR platform for fulfilling both its special mission overseas as well as its unique role in supporting domestic operations.


This program addresses the RC-26 SADS/NISU computer serviceability issues currently experienced by the warfighter and URS. Borsight provides a mission computer upgrade which addresses many maintenance sustainment issues currently experienced with the RC-26 Block 20/25. This program includes mission hardware and software, integration as well as installation activities.


The RC-26 Block 25 video link currently experiences limited range and incomplete hemispherical radio frequency coverage, impacting combat operations and real world tasking. The Borsight update is designed to remedy these issues by providing maximum range reception and full hemispherical coverage. In addition to fixing the long-term video data link reception problem, the upgrade enables Vortex to function as well.

The Borsight modification consists of specialized antennas, low noise amplifiers, band pass filters and a SADS software configuration change. This configuration design was established following Borsight analysis of the problem and understanding of the current configuration and demonstrated during flight test to provide a 75 mile range.

Video Data Link Antenna and System Integration

The video transmission system on the RC-26 was developed and integrated in a rapid manner in 2004. This system never operated properly and has been on the Pentagon Deficiency list since it was fielded. Borsight was contracted to design and  install a solution. This solution increased the range of the system by a degree of magnitude.


The Universal Antenna Mount aircraft modification provides a location on the RC-26 to mount various antenna types. This design utilizes existing RC-26 fuselage mounts with a custom form fit fairing engineered to FAA standards. The system is combat-proven and has flown without incident or need of continued maintenance weigh, installs in 60 minutes, and requires no additional equipment or crew members.


The DF-12 Antenna Mount provides for quick installation and removal of an off-the-shelf geolocation system on the RC-26. Borsight provided engineering, fabrication, installation and aircraft modification to the RC-26.