Overview – Activities

Borsight TAMSS

TAMSS provides the aircrew with the ability to use networked communication capabilities throughout all theaters of operation with increased situational awareness. In addition, TAMSS provides an increase in digital combat communications with the ability to communicate with command and control. The TAMSS system enables the aircrew to view and control networked communications while new situational awareness data is being displayed.


Borsight is the Prime Contractor performing aircraft integration, systems production and installation for the ongoing ANG/AFRC C-130H RTIC Program. This program provides the pilot, co-pilot and navigator with individual flight management and situational mission displays. Also included are a data link and SATCOM radio, associated interfaces, and antennas.

Borsight HH-60 ACSU

Borsight was selected by NSPA to upgrade the communications systems on the ANG HH-60G fleet of aircraft. This consists of stripping out the old AN/ARC-222 equipment and replacing the outdated radios and antennas with current generation ARC-210 radios.

Borsight RC-26

Borsight was selected by URS as the Aircraft System Integrator for the RC-26 Block 30 Modification. Numerous other capability upgrade paths have been presented and proposed and are awaiting guidance from the RC-26 community. These proposals include mission computer hardware and software upgrades, video link repair and upgrade (Video Data Link, Vortex), communication equipment compatibility upgrades, aircraft structural repair and modification, data link upgrade and installation.